• Chandra Kumar

An Employer thought!

“If you want to be treated like a King, Perform like an Emperor!”

I encounter with many people frustrated by their job due to salary, incentive, promotion, hike or politics.

But they less or never try to figure out, why? Answer is here; They… *Expect Best package according to experience or qualification or skill, not according to productivity. *Expect appreciation without going out of comfort zone. *See others and compare, sometimes it’s not even of similar profile to do so. *Attending issues out of office or department. *Irrelevant internal conversation on group chat or personal.

And many can not be described here 🙂

As I was also an employee, I only believe that only performance and productivity speaks for you and I must say this, your performance begin from the time of first interview. I never ask for promotion, increment, appreciation, But achieved it. Personally experienced this.

Since 1999 I bagan my career and my performance made me CEO and what I am Now! Not just Desire.

Yes, challenges were there but It came to enhance me not to frustrate me.

An Employer thought!

Leadership Talk by CHANDRA KUMAR (CK) Inspires by Living

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