• Chandra Kumar

Destiny – The Beginning

In my previous post, I wrote about the Destiny. Now let’s begin with how can you know about your Destiny?

Have you ever try to know yourself. You might say Yes or No! In both conditions, there is a question, WHY?

And the simplest answer is also a question? Do you know the basic useful features of your cell phone?


See, until you know the features of your phone also, you can not use it as how useful it is, so how can you do with your life. The worst part is that, our school and education systems never teach us to know about ourselves but they teach us to be trained for current market and Industrial trends.

You can see many talents and yes I agree but machine are also very talented now as we design to produce the results.

So now, do you really know yourself?

Let’s begin to know!

Read my future writings on this series.

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