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How can you be the worst Performer/ Employee?

How can you be the worst Performer/ Employee?

Tips: *Show off on interview & get selected *Don’t be punctual *Look out the beauties/ smarties to hang around *Create a chat group & have fun *See what others are doing *Find out who are hooked up *When and how much salary comes *Become a chamcha *Don’t ever look what can be done *Have periodically rest with tea *Leave things for tomorrow, else you will be packed… *Yes, shouldn’t be forget to Gossip… & Many more.

You might have seen many as mentioned.

I meet almost every day people having low or average performance due to above tips. So just apply and get benefitted.


Let’s be serious, Every job you do is a way of your enhancing your skills, knowledge, posture and many things. But many people work for few salary and incentives. If they don’t get proper salary or incentives, they change the Job instead of Changing their performance.

My first job within 2 years I became Business Partner with my employer & created monopoly in newspaper distribution.

Being an employee you could be the most valuable person or worst to throughout. Up to you!

However your employer seems to be, but your performance & productivity can make You His Asset!

If I could, definitely you can.

Leadership Talk By Chandra Kumar Inspires by Living

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