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How can you Destroy your career?

How can you destroy your career?

*Get a job *Work as much your salary is *Ask promotion after a year, unless you get it, switch the job with 15-20% hike *Get frustrated again *Repeat ↑ Never workout on personal development.

I rarely met people who worked out on themselves and focused about what they want in life and working patiently with passion.

You start anyhow (job) is not a problem, but how you see it, makes difference. You give your best in whatever you do, make you a person of Value but if you think as temporary, you will become temporary everywhere!

It’s hard to hear but Mark It.

Once, I worked temporarily with a small proprietary firm, owner was blind but intelligent and irritating (to others). During my 45 days of working I found.. 1. No one work seriously there 2. They actually don’t do as expected 3. It’s small office but I gave my 100% and improved way of doing things to make more productive. No one put their effort in years 4. Employees take hours for minutes things. 5. They work what instructed … and they say boss is irritating!

He paid me more than our deal, with an offer. Just coz, I didn’t took it as Temporary.

Build yourself to build your Value.

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