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I became what I wanted to BE.

I became what I wanted to BE!

I was too small to understand what my Dreams were, I could see that Big gatherings and I am talking with, helping people to learn about live and living their Dreams.

A trend was so heavy around me to become Engineer, and I wanted to become a Sound Recording Engineer. I was selected in in India’s top engineering institutions but I couldn’t finance myself and there was no guidance to proceed. Family conditions made me to start doing Job and YES I became top performer.

This happens to almost everyone/students. They are being taught and filled with info & knowledge according to present industrial trends, NOT according to the individual interest and talent. A very few listen and challenge themselves and become what they want.

Thanks to My first Boss Mr. Deepak Thakkar to enforce me with knowledge & info in early 2000. I began learning via various books, even I studied subjective book of degree programs. I understand, degrees are paper to certify but knowledge and info can make me the real person. And training our mind is more important to acquire info, what must we learn and what Not.

I began learning everywhere and all my doings. Analyzing, my thoughts, behaviour, activities & result. I lost too much to gain too much.

My journey was/is very challenging, actually unbearable, but now I understand that being a real life Educationist is on practice what you learn & going to give the learning.

Ahh, it’s really amazing. Even as I am writing now this, is not easy for me but when I am doing this it’s Done and now I can say, “If I could, You can”.

I learned, if we do not practice what we educate, there will not be any impact on learners. They would listen but can’t apply. This applies, you are parent or friend or teacher or educator or trainer or leader or colleague, doesn’t matter.

Be what you want to see!

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