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Que: Our sales is 100 units/day; how can you make it 200 by tomorrow? Ans: By giving 30-50% off. C. Que: You mean we should bear loss? Ans: No, I didn’t mention the minimum quantity to qualify. And by tomorrow, that is first possible way as you are eager.

Que: How many model we have? Ans: Can I have your computer, I will let you know with specifications in a minute!

Once, I went for an interview on homly outfit and fully unprofessional. Actually I got a call to be there in an hour & going home & getting ready were not possible.

This interview became the business discuss and went off for 2 hours with coffee & snacks.

Any selection is not based on knowledge or skill or experience or appearance always. It’s mostly or always based on solutions you can have. In above question, you can see I didn’t have the answer but I pulled out solutions. Sometimes, you don’t know answer of the question but, you know how can you get the answer.

Employer sees the ability to handle things which you are not aware of, especially on leadership level.

Speak the real solution you have or you can, you will never be left out of opportunities!

Leadership Talk By Chandra Kumar Inspires by Living

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