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Passion towards your Dreams can make you Learn

Passion towards your Dreams can make you learn anything you need to, to achieve your Dreams.

I never learn computer to operate or maintain. Once we were setting up computers for our staff in our office. All desktops and laptops were put in the place but it was blank. I got to know that the engineer to install, networking and server setup is asking enough service charges. Now, everyone’s face had question mark as I didn’t approve the engineer quote amount but they’re not aware that I don’t have amount to pay him.

I arranged DVDs of required software and began installing. I followed all computer instructions and it’s done. I did actually well. Now, networking and server setup was out of instructions and a experience person needed. I searched control panel, place networking cords and wifi, networked all computers & printer with server and loop server with my personal laptop before office hour start. I did all alone in about 10 hours.

Next day all staff were shocked that how it happened overnight without engineer.

This was passion towards my work to achieve my Dreams. I couldn’t wait for amount but I use my skills to act and sense to how things could be.

Learn to use your passion towards your Dreams, you will be unstoppable.

Leadership Talk by CK Inspires by Living

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