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The Coach

Here many coaches face problems coz people try to hear or see what they want but the Real coach will never go as you want.

We create own world in our comfort zone and would like to do things in that zone, but we need to understand that any Next Level never been achieved in comfort zone whether you like or not.

When you are under any guidance, supervision, coaching or learning; you will surely face Uncomfortable things depending on the level of achievement you are moving for, sometimes you might feel that the coach is not doing good and you will not achieve it BUT remember, the Coach actually build you up first. He will never just coach you achieve but also build you to maintain and move to the next level, and ahead.

Coach is not only to coach; there is a deep means. A coach is a Co-Achiever with you. He is expert by experiencing Fail & Success. He faced and sometimes he may make you to temporary fail, if required to give you Clear vision. Because

A Coach sees what you can’t!

Having a Coach means a lot. Understand before having.

Leadership Talk by CHANDRA KUMAR (CK) Inspires by Living

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