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You are the Creator of your own World

You are the Creator of your own World

World can give you sympathy if you are broken but only your Burning Desire can create opportunities for you.

In November 2015, our businesses were collapsed completely and I came on the road. We (I & one of my partner) knocked many doors and look for immediate help to resume our businesses again. Everyone we met, they cried with us but no one came out to lift up.

2016 beginning was worst. I was like too much broken and collecting my pieces. This time all areas of my life were giving me tough challenges. I felt like I would die sometime and sometimes I told myself, “wait Chandra”.

Demonetization happened and cashless trend was coming all over the nation. One of my friend came with an idea and opportunity to work with a payment wallet as Business associate. Here, I turned the opportunity into a Big Business Launch. We decided to create and launch our own Payment wallet systems with some innovative features.

Remember I was still on the Road and surviving somehow. I told myself whatever will happen but I will Dare to do this.

Living on the road and working to launch a ₹ 2000 crore business seems mad idea. I conceptualised, build strategy, build team and moved. We had investors also. But I was clear about all calculations and business values. I refused investors on their demand out of business rules and values. And our plan for wallet got hold.

I don’t bother that we could not launch. You need to notice here is, it was a battle with me. Collection of my broken pieces with burning desire made me survived, deal with billionaire investors, networking with established & giant business people. I was talking about Billion like I am talking about few rupees. THAT’S THOUGHT.

Rich mindset does not requires any money to have in your pocket.

Exactly after 2 years, in November 2017 I announced shutdown of our all ventures under RHEMA World and I moved ahead.

I began concluding my long time research on Indian Education System and now designing programs to impact lives.

Back to the subject, in any situation you are the owner of your decision and you can do anything you want. Even things will be made available for you if you have burning desire for change. My everything was finished, I had nothing BUT I did not give up on my Dreams.

Your Dreams are key source of your passion. Your passion create burning desire. Your burning desires create opportunities and make things available to move forward.

You are the Creator of your own World.

Here are few things to learn and apply out… 1. Accept and allow your broken pieces to work for you. 2. Visualise your Dreams as Real and feel it. 3. Learn to manage your passion with patience. 4. Make very strategic plan to reach your goals towards your Dreams and stick on it. 5. Dare Big things to build your faith on you. 6. Know your core talent/ skill/ ability and what you need to add on for the journey towards your Dreams. 7. Build team of passionate people with required skills, knowledge and experience. 8. Listen what people say about you but don’t respond them by your words. Ignore if it’s irrelevant. Edify if they’re right. These way you will be able to shut their mouths off in future. 9. If plan A doesn’t work, execute plan B. Here, Plan A = Your present execution 10. Never Give Up. Get Up. Move Forward.

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