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You can not be Substituted ever!

You cannot be substituted ever!

Have you ever heard this kind of statements?

My previous Boss called me. We have very good relation and we talk but this time, was different. Few things needed to be done and they were trying for 7-8 days. He asked, Chandra, can you be please here now?

I went, initiated immediately & job done in 4 hours. (search, deal with negotiations, documentation and clearance). He was very happy but not surprised. He tried paying me a month salary for that 4 hours. Yes, I refused by honoring His statements.

“Chandra, Since you have gone, work get done, but I don’t get things as it was on your time. We couldn’t get any substitute as you are. I know in my spirit that You cannot be substituted ever”

People who work there tell me that they always hear from Boss; “Chandra could like this or that or like this”

A trophy or certificate can not give this pleasure. I am humbled & I responded Him in a sentence… “Sir, I am always a call away, but allow me to proceed for my mission” and He smiled and Hugged.

It’s an Award for me!

What you say?

CHANDRA KUMAR (CK) Inspires by Living

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